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Entrnace door GARDA Metal/Metal 1200/1300x2050/2200 mm

  General specifications and security system:  

• 2 BORDER multi-system locks of the highest burglar resistance level
• 2 seal contours
• Mineral plate
• 1 level of noise insulation and heat insulation

• External coating and internal coating: weatherproof powder-polymer "Copper Antique"
• Door leaf thickness: 60 mm
• Door frame depth: 90 mm
• Filler: mineral plate
• Gasket: 2 foam rubber seal contours
• Handle: separate, color - chrome
• Peephole: wide view, color - chrome
• Hinges: 4 pieces, external, opening 180°
• Main lock: cylinder BORDER, IV (highest) burglar resistance class, bolt diameter: 16 mm
• Additional lock: double bit BORDER, IV (highest) burglary resistance class, bolt diameter: 16 mm
• Cover plates: oval, with draft protection
• Counterstrike: pins, 4 pcs.
• Independent night latch
• Dimensions: 1200х2050 мм, 1300х2050 мм, 960х2200 мм, 1200х2200 мм, 1300х2200 мм

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